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kate jerry

'What it means to me to be an artist: completely present and awake to nourish the idea of revealing the truth through creative interpretation, always in search of beauty, something that is an enigma and will never entirely be revealed, but remnants of this pursuit found along this journey, whispering truths along the way.'

Kate motivates artists to become self empowered and encourages community to participate in visual art practice for enjoyment, positive mental health and well being. Her workshops have been published in ‘Spirit and Destiny’ and ‘Artists and Illustrators’ magazines.

'My journey has involved a number of years wandering, living in Botswana, London and Spain. I now live back on the Isle of Man, a misty, windy, little island that rises out of the Irish Sea, a beautiful haven, steeped in Celtic, Viking and ancient history, in the seaside town of Peel, where I grew up'.

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