Isle Contemporary Artists





Vici Blackburn

Vici creates work inspired by the Manx coastline and landscape, and then layered upon the fleeting images of her memory. Delicate wall sculptures, bowls that can spin and wobble, ink and watercolor vignettes are all part of her oeuvre. The evolution of ideas, through making and materials, lies at the heart of her practice, a bricolage approach. Vici collects twigs and branches, chosen for their delicacy of line, bone like, ghostly, nature encroaching and use them to form negative structures ready on the manmade porcelain. The porcelain is hand rolled, ripped, stamped, crafted and wrapped in of the fun using papier-mâché evoking memories Xmas decorations and reading all the old yellowed newspaper. My work hints at a story, one that invites you to participate in.

Image 1.jpg

Sculpted vessels

Porcelain, papier-mâché, coloured and gold glaze.

Image 2.jpg

Untitled Wall piece

Porcelain, twigs, papier-mâché, coloured and gold glaze.


Image 3.jpg

Untitled Wall piece

Porcelain, twigs, papier-mâché, coloured and gold glaze.


Anna Clucas

Using vivid colours and confident brush strokes I integrate landscape and abstraction with the idea of freedom and improvisation. This gives me the ability to enjoy working at will under no compulsion or restraint. I paint with movement and feeling,

playing with the medium, building up in stages and layers.


Oil on Canvas


Bishops court

Oil on Canvas


Path of the Viking

Oil on Canvas


Colette Gambell

Passionately inspired by the ocean, Colette explores creativity through colour, fragility and our emotive landscape. These elements combined form the basis of her ever evolving artistic language, one rich in diversity, haunted by depth and evocative of experience: melding memory and emotion in timeless beauty.



Oil on Canvas




Oil on Canvas



Oil on Canvas


Kate Jerry

Kate works in a variety of mediums, including paint, print, photography and, digital process. Her obsession is with 'surface’ no matter what shape or form. Kate works between abstract and illustrative styles, sometimes both, and at the heart of her practice is experimentation and process. The inspiration for her artwork comes from all areas of her life, emotion and philosophies often explored through a variety of imagery and rooted in nature and figurative. Simple print illustrations can begin with a quote from a famous piece of literature (a book, play or poem), and other work could begin with  a memory, emotion, or appreciation of natural form and the environment. There is a recurrence of floral motifs, pattern, landscape, natural shape and form present in her work.

Kate's intuitive process, allows for an accidental process in which creativity and imagination takes over from research, planning and preparing art work. Through an experimental process ideas unfold in a playful journey with paint, print and materials. Colour, music and aesthetic play an important and intrinsic role in her work. Kate work has been purchased and commissioned for private and corporate collections.


Bohemian Floral Panel I

Acrylic on Canvas


IMG_5366 (1).jpg

Summer Moments

Acrylic on wood 9 panels 

each panel 20x20


Bohemian floral panel II

Acrylic on Canvas


Jeremy Paul

Born in Accrington, Lancashire and originally trained as a marine biologist, the essence of the art of Jeremy Paul is the accurate portrayal of wildlife in its environment. Completely self taught he works in acrylics, developing the painting in many layers of paintwith use of underpainting and glazes to alter the tone and atmosphere of the work. His paintings manage to capture a moment in time, creating a sense of quiet stillness in which wild birds or animals are seen, undisturbed by the viewer – a forgotten corner of a barn, a peaceful riverbank – small cameos, which are pictures of tranquillity.

Jeremy-Paul-Wild-day 28x15.jpg

Wild Day

Acrylic on board


Sparrow---Rajasthan-door --Jeremy Paul 16x12.jpg


Acrylic on  board


Winter-hiding-place---woodcock-and-fox - Jeremy Paul.jpg

Winter Hiding

Acrylic on board


Graham Rider

Using Oil paint Graham predominantly paints landscapes in which he wishes to captures the energy and rhythms of the natural world.  Realistic in approach Graham's technique is designed to give a sense of what it is like to be present, to feel an immediacy in the image and the brush marks, to use tone and colour to strengthen a response in the viewer.

Graham has shown at the Royal Academy and several other London Galleries including the Mall Galleries, Sotheby's and commercial galleries.  I have work in Corporate and Public collections such as Ernst & Young, Guardian Royal Properties and the National Railways  Museum.

Rider-Graham 04-1.jpg


Oil on board


Rider-Graham 05.jpg

Stream Running through

Oil on board


Rider-Graham 02.jpeg

Time to Reflect (fenella beach)

Oil on board


Shelby Sandyford-Sykes

Mixed media artist working with Metal, up-cycled repurposed objects and print, to create  thought provoking,

beautiful and sometimes humorous artworks



Etched car bonnet

Birds Eye View.jpg

Birds Eye View

Etched car bonnet



Etched car bonnet

Eileen Schaer

Eileen was born in Liverpool and has lived on the Isle of Man since 1975.  She is a self taught artist acknowledged for her powerful and original poetic vision.  Eileen's magical paintings depict a colourful dreamlike world and can be interpreted in many ways.  She has exhibited in |many galleries including the Royal AcademySummer Shows, Serpentine Gallery and Mall Galleries.

4.‎Eileen Schaer 'Blue Aeroplane' 48 cms x 58.5 cms.JPG

Blue Aeroplane

Acrylic on board

48 x 58.5 cms

2. Eileen Schaer'Lady Dreaming' 70cms x 65 cms.jpg

Lady Dreaming

Acrylic on board

70 x 65 cms

6.Eileen Schaer 'The Apparition' 89 x 71 cms (1).jpg

The Apparition

Acrylic on Board

 89 x 71 cms