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vici blackburn

I am an island girl, and have lived on the IOM since I was 7. I came over on the ferry in a force 9 gale. Cold, wet and stung by salt I was stunned and captivated by the power of the sea. My life became bound by the rhythms and weather of living on this small windswept island, with the shipping forecast shaping and colouring our daily lives. All my work reflects the elemental nature of this life.

My ceramic art is delicate and tactile, glowing with colour and is influenced by the weatherworn surfaces of the Manx coast and landscape, and then wrapped with papier-mâché skins. The skins are inspired by my childhood memory of lovingly unwrapping our jewel like Xmas decorations protected by ageing newspaper folds.

I use porcelain, which is press moulded into casts I've made and texture is created from many sources including my own linocut designs. These repeatedly worked surfaces of clay are under constant revision, referencing the endless remaking of the shoreline, then sanded, oxides applied and hand painted with underglaze, glazes and gold lustre.

Bowls, collages and sculptures are created then combined with drawings and mixed media to create beautiful work for you to enjoy 

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