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Bruno Cavellec

Born in 1959 in Brittany, I am a self-taught artist and illustrator. There is nothing I love more than moving freely from one medium to another to create a wide range of images. Atmosphere, mood and colour are the key ingredients in my oil paintings with multiple layers of gesso, paint and soil featuring in the more abstract and experimental canvases. My interest in black and white book illustrations led me to take up printmaking in 2009, focusing mainly on the techniques of drypoint and linocut. A few years later, I was finally ready to delve into the fascinating and limitless world of illustration.

Along with art, my other two absolute passions have always been music and cinema, so it seemed only natural that one day I would collaborate with musicians and film makers. My first two experiences in those fields with ITV drama and Island Records certainly whet my appetite for more. I’m currently expanding my portfolio with a variety of illustrations for album and book covers. 

My work is held in collections in France, UK, Spain, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia and Pakistan.

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