Coming Soon Exhibition 'Taking Flight

Artreach Studios will present a new exhibition of artworks by Shelby Sandyford Sykes and Kate Jerry to be previewed at the Isle Gallery on the 2nd July 2017.

This complimentary exhibition showcases visual art techniques in a mixture of mediums. Shelby explains 'I love working with anything metal, incorporating print, photography and ceramics. I love texture and layers.'  Kate creates artwork using a mixture of mediums, this time paintings on canvas,  board and prints on paper and describing her work explains 'my favourite part of creating artwork is the experimentation and the process, I find the unfolding of ideas onto surface timeless and exciting and I would say this is the heart of my practice.'

The title 'Taking Flight' comes from Shelby’s work with British Airways, with a view from 36,000 ft above, different scenes, have made a mental impact on her visionary senses. 'The funny scenarios that have occurred on board my aircraft hopefully will be replicated in my final body of work. This theme of art for me will be on going for some time as I have many pieces of real aircraft parts that I am eager to get my sticky fingers on and hopefully turn into wall art. I am taking my many years experience of flying to form a body of work that will make the viewer think out of the box.'

The title of the exhibition is apt as it can have many different interpretations, and reflects the positive imagery on show. Kate goes on to explain that 'my starting point was to consider imagery looking from above or looking up, and most of the paintings began with abstract backgrounds that remind me of cloud formations or looking down on to magical seas and rivers from above. Some of the work is quite literal, so birds or feathers, which is imagery that has featured in my work for some time now'. Kate’s collection of artwork follows an interest and research trail with a variety of links.' With a repetition of natural motifs, and decorative pattern, the starting point always begins with observation. Pattern derives from an eclectic mix of different cultures and reflects, a 'visual symphony of universal elements.' Kate adds.

The Gallery is delighted to have Matt Creer perform live at the opening of the exhibition. From the wild coastal landscape of the Isle of Man, classically trained musician and former student of the Royal College of Music, London, Matt has performed in some of the world's leading orchestras and ensembles, so Shelby and Kate were delighted Matt accepted the invitation to perform at the preview event.

The Manx singer songwriter's music merges folk traditions, with warm, rich layered arrangements inspired by his classical background that has created a sound all of his own. His 2015 album "The Leeward Tide" reached number 17 in the iTunes singer songwiter chart on the first day of release.

Matt has featured on BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Lancaster and various commercial Radio Stations across the UK and Ireland. The exhibition 'Taking Flight' marks a series of previews that are opened with live musical performances this year.

'Taking Flight’ opens on July 2nd and runs till August 6th. For more information regarding exhibitions please see or the Isle Gallery Facebook page event section. Like the page, sign up to the newsletters if you don’t want to miss out!!!!!!